Graziani Marmi is the historical company representing excellence in the supply of unmatchable quality marbles in the Carrara area, directly extracted from the best Apuan marble quarries, such as the Cave Campanili and Cava Tecchione, which are under the direct authority of the company.


Graziani Marmi is a reference name for those who know marble and it has contributed to sculpt into the collective mind the name of Carrara and the exclusivity of the Made in Italy.

At the heart of an international company, a solid family.

Graziani Marmi is an international company which is essentially run by a family and that has at the base of its activity, above all, the values leading a family, that is to say transparency, trust, solidity, responsibility and tradition always looking at excellence processes and technological innovation.

The founder, Renato Graziani, has created the company at the beginning of the 90s and he still controls it with a strong foresight due to his many years experience, together with his son Roberto, administrator of the company, and his daughters Loredana and Monique.

The team consists of irreplaceable and precious collaborators who coordinate all the activities, from quarrying to warehousing and import-export of marbles.


Graziani Marmi is the reference name for the blocks and slabs made of precious marble from Massa Carrara to reach every corner of the world.
From the prestigious quarries Campanili and Tecchione, the company quarries every year large quantities of marble material which is offered both unrefined and semi-finished to all the international markets which require it.

Though the main activity of Graziani Marmi is the sale of big blocks of high quality marble, as of unrefined and semi-finished slabs, the company usually collaborates also with architects, sculptors and designers to supply natural stone and exclusive marbles for many special creations all across the world until the project is completely finished.

The company produces and warehouses continually tiles too, thanks to the use of cutting cut-to-size edge machines. Those are demanded for smaller but ambitious projects, which want to use the best natural stone for small furniture, architectural or indoor finishing.

Graziani Marmi supplies, from the owned quarries, the best marbles in the world, such as the Bianco Carrara Campanili, the Bianco Carrara Tecchione, the Statuario, the Calacatta and the Bardiglio ones, but it is also able to supply a wide range of stone materials that it is possible to find on the market, in particular marbles from Spain with exceptional technical qualities.

The company owns and manages also a quarry in Turkey, from which it extracts large quantities of Turkish marble, which has a great yield and prestigious technical features too. Graziani Marmi is very active in the material moving activity anywhere, with an import-export network which is well distributed and consolidated.

The import-export activity for marble blocks and slabs requires great experience to safely and precisely manage all the phases of the procurement and the shipment, to arrive efficiently to delivery; thus, it requires a great deal of attention for what concerns the processes and the marble moving, aspects that a company such as Graziani Marmi is able to guarantee to its partners and customers, thanks to the exhaustive experience and the high standards for quality control that it has decided to use for the processes.

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Our history

Graziani Marmi is a historical company with a familiar vocation.
The history of the company and the family intertwines with the millennial history of an incredibly charming place, such as Carrara Quarries, a place where the myths of sculpture, art and architecture have been to.

The history of Graziani Marmi, company which was founded at the beginning of the 90s, can be traced way earlier and it has been developed from a millennial know-how that can only be passed over. The history of the ancestors of the family is related in some ways to the Campanili and Tecchione Quarries and it has been inherited by the today head of the family Renato and his son Roberto, who have founded the company and who still lead it with their relatives and the team of workers and managers that work together in a harmonious team.


Graziani Marmi has permitted over the years the creation of scenography structures internationally, supplying first quality material that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Few quarries are massive and rich of first quality material as the ones owned by Graziani Marmi and that aspect alone gives the company a leading position in the Apuan marble area.


Graziani Marmi has always collaborated with artists and architects who want the best marbles to build their creations, though its connotation is the import export sale globally. Thus, the company shows sensitiveness for the world of art and design, which has always chosen marble as one of the preferred materials for its works.

Over the years, the efforts to buy cutting edge machines and to give the company new equipment have had the company grow and expand, thanks to the undisputed intrinsic value of the natural stones offered by the company.


Thanks to the always positive answer of people working in the sector towards the sold marbles, Graziani Marmi was able some years ago to expand its commerce to foreign marble varieties by buying an important Turkish quarry which is still owned and which increases and diversifies the offer of the company, careful to answer all the most diverse requests by customers.

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